WhatsApp Reminders

Easily create tasks and get reminders in WhatsApp. Available on all WhatsApp enabled devices, all over the world. Free for a week, then only $2.99/mo.
WhatsApp Tasks & Reminders

Turn messages from Whatsapp into Reminders

Create tasks or reminders in natural language (i.e. "Change the oil in my car next week")
Create a task in WhatsApp | WhatsApp Reminders Forward a message | WhatsApp Reminders

Forward a message to create a task

Forward messages to automatically create tasks, it’s that simple.

Get Reminders

When your tasks are due, you’ll get a reminder message in WhatsApp.
Get Reminders in WhatsApp
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WhatsApp Tasks & Reminders WhatsApp Tasks & Reminders
Share Lists & Assign Tasks Share Lists & Assign Tasks
Connect with +1500 Apps Connect with +1500 Apps
Customizable Recurring Tasks Customizable Recurring Tasks
Color Tasks and Labels Color Tasks and Labels
Location Reminders Location Reminders
First Week Free, then just $2.99/mo - billed annually. Cancel Anytime.
  • message
    Create a task by sending a message to Any.do
  • send
    Forward a message to create a task or reminder
  • bell
    Get reminders in WhatsApp when your tasks are due
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